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Advantages of Having a Buy Sell Agreement Thumbnail

Advantages of Having a Buy Sell Agreement

My experience in working with business owners have led to the following when it comes to buy-sell agreements. Most don’t have one and even if they do it’s not funded. I compare it to personal will and trusts. Most say that “they’ve been meaning to get that done,” and they know it’s important to get done. 

The purpose of a buy-sell agreement in its simplest terms is to have a document that makes either the other owners or the employees whole if one owner has to leave the business.

A fully funded buy-sell agreement provides many advantages to a retiring or disabled owner, or the family of a deceased owner. 

4 advantages to the retiring or disabled owner are:

1.      Guaranteeing a purchaser for the business interest

2.      Assuring a fair price for the business interest

3.      Turning an illiquid asset into a liquid asset to help fund retirement

4.      Providing an income producing asset which isn’t dependent on future success of the business.

4 Advantages to the remaining or surviving owners are:

1.      Establishing triggering event to guarantee a sale at an agreed-upon price

2.      Permitting uninterrupted operation of the business

3.      Maintaining harmony and control with interference from the deceased owner’s family or a disabled owner

4.      Providing the funds necessary to purchase the business interest

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