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Small Business Owners

Small Business Owner

Over the years we have learned a lot from working with business owners.  The feedback from our business owners is that a lot of the advice they get is narrowly focused, transaction isn’t coordinated and fails to address their key concerns. 

We don’t want our relationship with anyone to be based on a product sale. We want a relationship.

We work with our clients to Protect their business, Grow their business and Exit their business.  We do this strategically, coordinating business assets, personal assets and cash flow to create a plan to maximize what your business does for you. 


Your biggest asset is your business! It’s your source of cash flow now and into the future.  So we must protect it. We help with:

  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Employee benefits
  • Key Person Plans


You may not be ready to exit. The business’s most valuable assets are its people.  We can help with:

  • Retirement Plans
  • Employee Retention
  • Financial Wellness Programs


Eventually, we all exit our business. Whether we maintain control after we leave day to day operations, transition to family or employee, or sell the company, this is here you realize your full value of your life's work. 

  • Transition to new owner (agreements)
  • Helping to avoid double taxation on sale or transition of business
  • Cash flow efficient strategies upon exit