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Risk Management

Risk Management

With financial planning, even the most positive and consistent efforts can be upended by an event out of one’s control. Life is full of the unforeseen – from relatively minor nuisances to significant and foundation shaking events. It is important to both understand where an individual financial plan may be exposed while also taking reasonable and prudent measures to guard against unnecessary risk.

Income Protection

Your income is your greatest financial resource.  It’s what provides you with the life you want to live.  We take a look at gaps you may have in protecting your income.

Tax Insights

Taxes are a huge risk and liability on your balance sheet.  Have you considered how the tax-ability of your assets and/or income will change in the future?  We help provide insight into your current financial situation and assist in the selection of tax reduction strategies.

Portfolio Risk

Do you know what risk you are taking?  Are you getting compensated for that risk?  We take a look at your portfolio and assess the following:

  • Asset Allocation
  • Asset Re-balancing
  • Assessing the risk inside of your portfolio based on your tolerance.

Estate Planning

Estate planning isn't just about tax avoidance strategies for the ultra rich.  It is about making sure that you have the proper documents in order to allow you to be free and secure in  your finances.  While more and more people are subject to estate taxes on a state and federal level.  Estate planning is more about being secure in the knowledge that what you want to have happen will occur.  Our role in this is making sure that you have the proper documents in place, they are reviewed, updated regularly and your plan is consistent across your different advisors.

 Asset Protection

Your assets not only provide you with stability today but will turn into your cash flow tomorrow. How have you protected those assets? We help with the following:

  • Securing insurance on assets
  • Holistically looking at the entire picture to make sure you are financially balanced
  • Securing income now and in retirement
  • Cash flow analysis