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Top 5 Values of Working with A Financial Advisor Thumbnail

Top 5 Values of Working with A Financial Advisor

Investment Retirement Funding

There are many misunderstandings about what an advisor will do for you. I plan to share the top 5 values a GOOD advisor can bring you.

A good advisor will help YOU accomplish YOUR goals and dreams

Many people have had a bad experience, or they don't know what an advisor can do for them.

Misunderstandings such as:

  • I don't have enough assets to work with an advisor
  • The advisor is just trying to sell me something
  • I don't make enough money to have an advisor

If you are wondering what an advisor will do for you check out the Top 5 Values I believe they can bring.

Value 1: They will learn about YOU and what YOU want

The advisor is there to learn about what is it that YOU want. 

How can the advisor know how to help you if he or she doesn't understand you? What I mean by this is:

  • The advisor should get to know you. What are your values?
  • Why have you made the decisions you've made thus far?
  • What is it you want for yourself and your family?
  • How do you best communicate?

A great advisor will learn who you are and how you best operate so that you can take action.

Value 2: Educate you- What you don't know you should know

The top comment I love to hear from any client is "I didn't know that, why didn't I think of that?"

Your advisor should educate you around what you don't know, not reestablish or redefine what you currently know.

There is a lot of information on Google, that you can look up. How do you know what information is valid and what information pertains to you and your situation? How would you know to look up a term or strategy, if you didn't know that it existed?

That's the value of education.

Value 3: Build a holistic plan not just an investment plan

Rate of return shouldn't be the biggest value an advisor brings. Can they really control it?

A holistic plan incorporates:

  • Protection
  • Debt
  • Cash Flow
  • Assets
  • Values

Value 4: Bring your other professionals together to coordinate

How many people are in your life talking to you about your money? Some people have: 

A CPA, Lawyer, Auto/Home Insurance Agent, Financial Advisor and maybe the brother in law who thinks he knows everything :)

Do these professionals know what your finances and plan are? Should they?

A good advisor will incorporate these professionals into your plan and make sure they aren't overlooking anything.

Value 5: Accountability- Progress towards YOUR goals

If you have a great plan but don't implement it or continue to build on it, what good was having the plan?

Sometimes we need that person to help us do the things we know or say we should do.

This is the action. This is where your goals and dream will come to life or die.

Make sure you do them!

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