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Investment Strategy: The Impact of Inflation

You can't read about investment for very long without hearing about inflation. The concept may be a little difficult to understand, but at its most basic, it comes down to the following: prices rise over time, causing your money to lose some purchasing power. If you could buy a car in 1980 for $5,500 and a comparable make and model for $49,000 in 2022, that speaks to the change in purchasing power. Sure, your 2022 model probably has a nicer stereo and several other value-added gizmos, but for the most part, your $5,500 doesn't have the same purchasing power in 2022 that it had in 1980.

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Estate Planning: Life Insurance

When it comes to life insurance, there are many choices: Whole life. Variable universal life. Term. What do these descriptions really mean? All life insurance policies have two things in common: They guarantee that they will pay a death benefit to a designated beneficiary after a policyholder dies (although the guarantee may be waived if the death is a suicide occurring within two years of the policy purchase). All require recurring payments (premiums) to keep the policy in force. Beyond those basics, the differences begin.

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Thinking About Paying Off Your Child's Student Loans? 5 Things to Consider

College tuition is at an all-time high. As of 2022, the average student loan debt is about $39,000 per student, and the average monthly student loan payment is nearly $400. It's no wonder parents want to help their children pay off their student loans as quickly as possible. Paying off this debt could help set your child up for success as they make important financial choices, such as applying for a mortgage.

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