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Our Philosophy

Protection First is the core of what we do for you. Protection First means fully protecting your Income and/or Cash Flow. Income is the power source that drives your entire financial future. You face countless threats to your ability to continuously receive your income. Cash Flow is how you transfer that income into wealth accumulation. Our role as your advisor is to work with you to identify the greatest threats that you have to your income. We will then create an action plan with you, not for you, to mitigate the financial consequences of those threats. Once those threats have been addressed, we will then and only then start working on improving the efficiency of your wealth building strategies.

Our Promise to you is to always address the worst threats first.

We Believe that having a rock-solid financial plan is important, but what is critical is protecting the very source that funds your financial plan.

A Few Questions for You:

  • Have you (and your advisor) identified the threats to your income?
  • Have you developed a detailed action plan to address those threats?
  • What is your distribution plan when you retire (or stop generating income)?
  • Have you considered the future tax implications of your current plan - whether those distributions are voluntary or involuntary?

Action Plan:

Are you are unsure about any of these questions? Did you answer "no" to one or more of them?  If so, the first step to working with us is a 30 minute phone conversation. We will discuss philosophy and determine whether or not taking the next step of learning about your current situation makes sense.