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2023 Retirement Plan Contribution Limits Thumbnail

2023 Retirement Plan Contribution Limits

Investment Retirement Funding Insights

The IRS has released the 2023 inflation-adjusted contribution limits into retirement plans along with phase-out ranges.

One quick note before you check out the chart below:

Make sure you take purposeful decisions around where you are putting your money.  It may make sense to not put all your money into a retirement account.

Here are some considerations:

  • How much access to cash do you have?
    1. If you don’t have 6-12 months of your gross income accessible to you, you may want to consider saving some money into savings or just a standard investment account.
  • Should you put money into a traditional retirement plan (pre-tax dollars) or a Roth retirement plan (after-tax dollars)
    1. If all your money is in one style of account and taxes go in the wrong direction for you, it may not have been a great decision.
  • Do you have balance?
    1. Have your money in different tax style buckets.   Meaning, some of your money in tax-deferred, some in tax-free and some in taxable.  This allows for flexibility depending on where taxes go in the future.


 2023 Contribution Limits

Catch up amount (Age 50 or older)$7,500
Catch up Amount (Age 50 or older)$1,000


Phase-out ranges and income cap (with a retirement plan at work)

If either taxpayer or their spouse is covered by a workplace retirement plan during the tax year, the maximum amount they can contribute to a traditional IRA may be reduced (phased out) to zero, depending on filing status and income.

(Note- If neither spouse is covered by a retirement plan at work, the phase-out rule doesn’t apply)            

                                                                                 Begins                                                                      Ends

Single taxpayers$73,000$83,000
Married taxpayers$116,000$136,000


 Phase-out ranges for Roth IRAs         

                                                                                   Begins                                                                    Ends

Single taxpayers   $138000               $153000  
Married taxpayers       $218000      $228000            




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