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The Stock Market and the Economy Are Not the Same: A Guide to Understanding the Difference

When we think of financial health, a few things might come to mind. We may think of our own financial status, our investments, the Dow Jones Industrial Average performance, the stock market as a whole, the economy, the country’s employment status and so on. While some aspects may be interrelated on some level, they are not all one and the same, nor do they all indicate the status of one another.

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Implementing a Financial Wellness Program for Your Employees: A Guide

Over half of employees are stressed about their finances.1 As an employee, your career should be a source of financial relief and security—not worry. Ensuring that this rings true for your employees is important to both their satisfaction and performance. There’s a reason why 53 percent of companies have started to offer financial wellness programs.2 Keep reading for a full breakdown of financial wellness programs, as well as how to implement one for your own employees.

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Getting Married? 5 Financial Considerations to Discuss With Your Partner First

Between popping the question and saying “I do,” you and your partner have plenty to plan. And while it’s not as fun as cake tasting, you’ll want to sit down together and discuss the expectations you have about your future finances. According to a survey offered by Psychology Today, 27 percent of respondents found money to be the biggest stressor in their marriage.1 Having hard, truthful discussions about money beforehand can help lay the foundation for an honest and open financial relationship later down the line. As you prepare to tie the knot, take these five financial considerations into account first.

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Retirement Planning Considerations for Couples With an Age Gap

Decisions surrounding retirement are rarely simple. This further becomes the case when there is an age gap between couples, resulting in differences in retirement dates, life expectancy, health and more. For couples of varying ages, traditional retirement advice may not be applicable. Their retirement fund will not only need to provide for one but two individuals encountering different stages in their lives and their careers. If there is an age gap between yourself and your spouse, here are a few considerations to take into account.

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Having a Baby? 8 Financial Decisions To Make Over the Next Nine Months

Bringing a baby into the world can be exhilarating, and the anticipation of change can often be overwhelming for new parents. Suddenly, nine months feels like the blink of an eye when it comes to preparing for the expansion of your family. Not only will your life change overall, but the details of your finances and everyday nuances will suddenly become drastically different.

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