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Transparency In Compensation Thumbnail

Transparency In Compensation

Investment Insights

Full Transparency in how you are compensated.

That's what your clients want.  

 Here is how I'm compensated:

 I charge 1% of gross income (minimum of $1500) plus a $1000 initial set up fee.

 Example:  If you make $150k per year, the fee would be $1500 plus the $1000 set up fee.

 That fee includes:

 Life Planning

College Savings

Risk Management

Debt Payoff Plan

Cash flow planning

Retirement strategy

Company benefit planning

Tax Insights

Estate planning

Equity compensation planning (RSU, stock options)

Life Planning

Coordination of other professionals (CPA, Insurance Agent, Lawyer, etc)


Some of my clients ask for our management of investments.

 We charge .5% of assets we manage.

Example:  If we manage $250,000 our compensation would be $1250 for the year.

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